Circular route:   Sondrio – Chiuro - Sondrio

Characteristics:  TC – Touristic

Outward voyage: Path with short demanding uphill stretches on a mostly paved road with low-traffic road.

Return voyage: short stretches of a low-traffic road, levelled and on paved bike and pedestrian track.
Via dei Terrazzamenti - su Valmalenco Sondrio
Suggested bike:  MTB E-bike

The distance is not so much: the 21 km that separate Sondrio from Chiuro can be easily covered in two hours, but in that way you can't completely enjoy the Route of Terraces. A good tourist is able to enjoy every detail of what the environment offers. It's for this reason that our tour, where we will bring you will last almost the whole day.

We will provide everything to cover up with tranquillity, and especially in security, the picturesque path that, from Sondrio, crosses countries, vineyards and apple fields on the Rhaetian Alps side, spanning the view over a large part of Valtellina and of the Orobic Alps.

The path, suitable for everyone, will be simplified by our E-Bikes in order to face up the uphill parts and to reach the points of interest that we will find during the tour.


From the railway station of Sondrio we will start with a must-see tour around the streets of the city in order to rapidly see the places and the monuments that have made its history. We will continue towards the town hall and the collegiate Church of St. Gervasio and Protasio, we will go down to Piazza Cavour (Piazza Vecchia) and, then, we will reach Piazza Quadrivio. We will start to rise Via Scarpatetti, located in the oldest part of the city, to little by little reach the Route of Terraces.


While we will enjoy our cycling tour we can enjoy the picturesque and breathtaking landscape: wonderful mountains, vineyards and the valley floor will seem us to be part of a painting.  We will arrive in the community of Ponchiera, a group of houses that partly faces Sondrio and partly the Valmalenco valley. A short steeper stretch will take us to the St. Andrew's Church, which is now used as a private warehouse. Giving our backs to the Valmalenco valley we will go towards our destination, following the road signs of the Route of Terraces and cycling across the streets of the typical countries and of their many vineyards and apple fields.

There will be the opportunity to stop in the many points of historical and cultural interest and in the many agritourisms that will give us the possibility of taste the local products. Moreover, we can stop for lunch near Chiuro and Ponte in Valtellina.

We will come back to Sondrio through an easy path of 10 km, mostly downhill and located in the middle of the wonderful apple fields. We will spend there all the afternoon, visiting the cellars and the cooperative of Ponte in Valtellina, where we will see the various stages of the processing of the apples and of the local products.

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