Itinerary:  Albosaggia - Sondrio - Chiesa in Valmalenco - Vassalini

Characteristics:   TC - Turistic 

Mostly uphill path with a 70 % of asphalt. Until Ponchiera on a low-traffic road and then on bike and pedestrian track until Chiesa in Valmalenco.

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Adviced bike: ​ MTB ; E-BIKE

From Albosaggia Porto, where there is the ValtelBike headquarter, we will cross the white boardwalk on the River Adda in order to reach the near city of Sondrio through a bike path.

Through the streets that crosses the historical centre we will admire the building and the old squares that have lived the history of their inhabitants and of the city. Finally, we will go to Piazza Quadrivio, the square from that we will start to go up towards Ponchiera, enjoying the breathtaking view of the whole low Valtellina and of its enchanted mountains. Once in Arquino, we will stop for a minute in the old bridge of the Mallero in order to admire the strength of the water that, during the years has shaped the stone. We will restart to go up toward the Valmalenco valley cycling on an easy path until the bridge of the Valdone in order to take a paved bike path, which leads, together with the River Mellero, to the Tower of St. Maria.

From there, cycling on a sidewalk, a short stretch of road will lead us to the entrance of the still unpaved bike path, we will cross the community of St. Anna and we will reach Chiesa in Valmalenco and the Contrada Vassalini.

We will be in the valley of the stone manufacturing. The guided tours will bring us into the history of the Pietra Ollare (stone cooking pans), where competent crafters transform the stones into objects and utensils known all around the world. We will be leaded into the quarries of Serpentine stone, from which is obtained the well-known “Piöda” and into the talcum galleries which are the starting point of an interesting guided tour inside the mountain.


The Rusca Path is an historical path of communication between the Valmalenco valley and the Engandina valley. The actual name is dedicated to the memory of the high priest Nicolò Rusca who, in 1618, was kidnapped in Sondrio by Swiss soldiers and was lead to the Engandina valley through the pass of Muretto.

The itinerary covered by the high priest during his forced journey to death, on a road known as road “cavallera”, has been recently recovered and repaired.

This intervention has been finalised for the appreciation of that good, which has an historical and cultural value and which has could be better enjoyed by tourists and excursionists. 

This is an interesting path that is developed on a track of about 32 km. It starts from Sondrio, from the namesake street Via Nicolò Rusca, near the Collegiate Church and covers all the Valmalenco valley until the pass of Muretto, on the Swiss boundary, with  a difference in height of 2200 metres.

The path is a bike and pedestrian track, doable with one or more stopovers, which is well collocated with the many excursionist paths and itineraries of the Valmalenco valley.

Along the tour we will find well-equipped parking areas. It is also well explained and perfectly equipped by many road signs, with the aim of orienting the excursionists about the travel time, the lengths of the tracks and the historical and geographical descriptions of the territory.

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