It’s an association made up of a group of friends with well defined competences, which was born in response to the growing interest for biking in Valtellina.

ValtelBike is the compound name that suggest both the kind of activity and the place in which it is practiced.

- Valtel stands for Valtellina which is a touristic area in the centre of the Alps

- Bike stands for bicycle

Who and what had could link together the valley and the bike? Obviously ValtelBike, which its main goal is the promotion of the wonderful landscape of Valtellina, through the open-air tourism of the bike, enriched by the taste of the well-known taverns and of enjoyable agritourisms.

Skilled and well-prepared guide will go along with you during the excursions, planned to guarantee the complete security and the real amazement.

We also organize didactic courses on the spot (for a single person or for a group of people) in order to explain how to perfectly ride our bikes.



The hiring service provides a rich bike park, in which there are different kinds of bike: bikes with pedal assist, city bikes, mountain bikes and three-wheels-bikes for people with reduced mobility.

The offer is completed by many accessories, such as safety helmets, bike strollers and child seats.

The rental service is supported by customer service which is always available, friendly and well-prepared in order to give assistance and information. Finally, there are also our bike-shuttles that are operative throughout all the paths in order to carry and recover.

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