Itinerary:  Berbenno di Valtellina - Sondrio

Characteristics:  TC+ - Touristic

Outward voyage:  path with ups and downs and demanding uphill stretches on a mostly paved road with low-traffic road.

Return voyage:  possible on the Valtellina Path.
Via dei Terrazzamenti - Sassella
Adviced bike: 


It’s cycling on the Valtellina path, between Morbegno and Sondrio, that we find the deviation to go up to the village of Berbenno di Valtellina.

If until now we had the possibility of covering an easy bike path along the river Adda, now we have the opportunity of watching the same path from the top, covering the stretch of the Route of Terraces which, starting from Berbenno reaches Sondrio and then Chiuro. We will arrive at the bridge of ST. Pietro Berbenno and there we will leave the Valtellina Path  in order to reach the near railway station, where an underpass will allow us to cross the state highway 38 without danger. Alternatively, we can reach the elevated section extending the tour with a short stretch. 

In any case, the goal is towards the Church of St. Maria Assunta that wonderfully stands above the village of Berbenno.

From there we will reach the Bar Traversi, located in the Piazza dei Caduti. There, Tiziano and his family will receive us and we will be able to find all the right information about the itinerary. Moreover, he will invite us to taste the local product of Valtellina, pleased by a delightful musical surrounding of their Verticali.

The narrow and old streets will bring the biker to going up the road slowly, making him discover the hidden corners of the village towards the residential areas along the itinerary. The valley floor and the Orbic Alps offer their special, picturesque landscape. Until our destination, we will be pleased by the wonderful landscape of the vineyards that stand under the sun during all the year and that produce many of the best national wines.

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